In order to experience change, you have to work from the inside and the outside.  The change from the inside comes from your thoughts, your words, and your actions.  The change from the outside comes from the way you treat your body.

How you treat your body when you exercise, how you eat and what you wear.

Our mission is to inspire you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.  We will provide you with all the means necessary to change the way you treat your body from the outside as well as in.

Why Project BioAthlete

Project BioAthlete came to fruition when two people of extremely similar passions decided to embark on a path they didn’t know quite where it would lead.
Passions in Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Personal Development, which they believe to be the cornerstones of health, became the basis of their newly founded project.

A lot of people are misguided, misinformed and misaligned in their pursuit of finding a purpose for their existence.

Some people are happy in a 9-5 cubicle, coming home to a flat screen, or gaming console and waiting out their time before bed so that they can repeat the day they just had. Maybe even some sport, alcohol and potato chips to help speed through the short-lived weekend. If this is happiness for you then great, keep doing what you’re doing and stop right here.

Should this kind of lifestyle not feel remotely appealing and you are looking for something more meaningful with the end goal of ultimately making you happy in your life, then perhaps you have come to the right place.

We want to help you find your way.

Our focus is on helping you to become a better version of you.  A new reboot if you will.  Time to let go of the past; it is after all, just a memory, and to focus on where you put your feet now (link to email list) so that you can create the future that you imagine.
People value their time and prefer to spend it wisely. Which is why we will only post content of what we deem to be of value.
We want you to grow; we want you to become the person you want to be. I know it sounds all cliché but so many people are lost in the dark and the torch batteries are dead. We are not here to show you the light; we are here to provide you with new batteries.


Your Journey

This is your life and you have to figure it out. We can provide you with the necessary tools and information to help you make the most of the time you spend on this planet.
If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. It’s time to start something different, something new. It’s time to become a new improved version of you, with all the old bugs cleaned out and new firmware neatly installed.
You are your own athlete, regardless of your sport. Be it books, baking or bird watching. When you begin to understand that you are where you are in life because of the decisions you have made, when you begin to take full responsibility for your actions in the past, you will soon come to realize that you are in complete and utter control of your future.
You are your own athlete, and this is your life. You are your own BioAthlete. It’s time to step up and start to map out the future that you have always wanted.

This is our Project, but it’s your project too.


We welcome you to join our Project BioAthlete.

We don’t claim to know everything; we are in a state of continuously learning. We just want to share our thoughts, our views and opinions on everything we have learnt so far.
We are on our own journey and would like you to join us so that we can all grow together.
If you’re ready to join us, let’s journey together. So please kindly enter your email address below and see how you can become your own BioAthlete.


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Project BioAthlete is more than just a Personal Performance Brand.  We do more than sell awesome training gear. We are a team that strives to help you create a new and better you.  It’s not about us, it’s about you.  We are serious about your health; your lifestyle and we want you to understand what it means to represent us by wearing our brand.

This isn’t just another brand with another T-Shirt to sell.  You are here to represent to others who you are to you and the path that you choose to tread.

Don’t buy our products,

If you’re not prepared to do what you need to do to get to where you need to go.  You’re here to represent.  We have your best intentions at heart, so please have ours. We are not a brand for the weak of mind.

It’s time for you to become something you want to be instead of something you only dreamt about. This is the sign that you have been looking for.  You have been waiting for that opportunity to sort your life out, well here it is, the time is now



We provide a free bespoke continuous education platform tailored to the growth of your mind and the improvement of your body, helping you to further develop yourself inside and away from the gym.

Providing you with the fundamentals to exercise, movement, nutrition and lifestyle allowing you to focus more effectively at making smarter decisions in the gym, healthier decisions in the kitchen and ultimately wiser decisions with what you do with your free time.

With a Master NLP Coach in the team, we will provide you with the incentive and drive to go and get what you truly want in your life.  You’re not here because you enjoy the ‘cubicle’ status; you are here to pursue something far more meaningful.

We want you walking, talking and feeling the part.  When you wear our brand, it is a sign of recognition that you are embarking on your own personal adventure, one that you control.  We are more than just a logo!

Become the better version of you.
Become the athlete of your life.
Become the BioAthlete.