In order to experience change, you have to work from the inside and the outside.  The change from the inside comes from your thoughts, your words, and your actions.  The change from the outside comes from the way you treat your body.

How you treat your body when you exercise, how you eat and what you wear.

Our mission is to inspire you to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.  We will provide you with all the means necessary to change the way you treat your body from the outside as well as in.

Why Project BioAthlete

A Biohazard refers to a biological substance that is toxic to its environment.  It poses a threat to the health of living organisms.  This can come in the form of medical waste, viruses and toxins and anything else that can affect human health.

Thus the Biohazard needs to be contained, sealed and removed from the local population as it is seen as a danger.

But what if the ‘local environment’ is the danger or the threat?  What if it’s our society that is the Biohazard?

What if living by the current standards is more damaging to your health than living outside of it?

With the quality of our food sources becoming increasingly ‘modified’ and chemically enhanced.  The poor quality of the water we drink and the polluted air we breathe.  The waste we create and the diseases we spread, is it no surprise as to the pandemic proportions of obesity and sickness?

Your environment

Maybe it’s the environment that surrounds you that is toxic, that is the Biohazard.  We can’t exactly seal that up and remove it,  so what can we do?

Wouldn’t it be safer if we removed ‘ourselves’ from the mainstream environment? It would be safer for those of us who value our lives, who value our health, to become the Biohazard?

Pay attention to what you consume.  Be it food and beverage, be it social media, mainstream media, idle gossip. What is consuming you?  Are you growing and moving forward or sitting idly and festering?

Open your mind

Pick up a book instead of the remote, exercise your body and mind instead of your eyes as you mindlessly scroll.

If you strive to become healthy, if you have a thirst for strength, knowledge, and personal independence, then elevate yourself from the herd, become the Biohazard.

Find your voice, find your strength and find your heartbeat…

Become the Bioathlete


Project BioAthlete is more than just a brand, we do more than just sell awesome training gear.  We are a community that strives to help you to create a better you.  We are serious about your health, we are serious about your lifestyle and we want you dressed appropriately for the occasion as well.

It’s time to become something you want to be instead of something you only dreamt about. This is the sign that you have been looking for.  You have been waiting for that opportunity for some time, well here it is, the time is now.


We combine bespoke training apparel with a continuous education platform to help you further develop yourself both in and out of the gym.

Our online academy provides you with the correct training tools to allow you to focus your time more effectively in the gym as well as providing you with the nutritional education you need to allow you to make better, healthier decisions in the kitchen and off the menu.

We also help you with your own personal development by providing you with the incentive and drive to go and get what you truly want in your life.  It’s time to escape the cubicle and start to pursue a life that leaves you feeling enriched and passionate.

Not only do we want you looking the part, but we also want you walking, talking and feeling the part too.

Become a better version of you, become an athlete, a BioAthlete.